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Once you donated, send an email to and we send you the album of your choice as a download-link in loss-free quality. There’s a suggestion for donations for each album, but of course you can pay as much as you like (or can). With your donation you give direct support to the musicians as well as to fayamonkey records, which will make it possible for us to further support young musicians and give them the opportunity for professional music recording for free. All fayamonkey records members work on charity base right now, but still we need to pay the rent of the studio and the equipment. Help us and become part of fayamonkey! :-)

fayamonkey records Produktionen

Nelipot – eterogeneus

donation suggestion: 10 € / 10 $ for a lifetime download guarantee :)


eterogeneus -a declaration of love. an experiment. a journey.

The debut of costa rican musician Nelipot, who toured europe in 2015 and came to fayamonkey records in Augsburg to record his first album. Join this musical journey with Nelipot – a lot of songs came into being while we were working together with Milo on his album and in between, he traveled throughout europe, sometimes because of music, other times … because of love. All thoughts and feelings of this journey went right into „eterogeneus“, making it a very unique debut album of a very unique artist.

HandPanMan – Discovery

donation suggestion: 8 € / 8 $ for a lifetime download guarantee :)


On this album, the talented young musician Richard (from Augsburg, germany) presents his solo program on the handpan (Hang-drum). He recorded two of the songs himself, the other six were produced by fayamonkey records.